With the critical operations and processes involved in the manufacture of finished pharmaceutical products, many in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), it is critical to have material handling platforms and products that are easy to clean and sanitize and offer the high performance needed in this market. GT+Plastics USA brings a wide array of products and our custom capabilities to allow pharmaceutical products companies to solve their needs the first time, every time.

Case Study

Heavy-duty rackable pallet for finished product storage/shipment.


Current Packaging

Standard 40×48 wooden pallets with a corrugate linerboard over the top surface of the pallet.

Pallets must have a solid top surface and be easy to clean.

Finished pallets are loaded to 3000 lbs. & kept in an unsupported racking system.


Packaging Solution

GT+Plastics USA was able to offer our TA-20 rackable pallet.

Pallet has solid top deck surface; is easy to wash/clean, and can support over 3000 lbs. in racking capacity.


Benefits / Results