Manufacturing Solutions



With decades of manufacturing expertise in high pressure injection molding, GT+plastics is your unmatched solutions-oriented injection molder, capable of providing you unique products with the highest levels of quality and reliability. Our team offers custom injection molding capacity with a wide range of plastics processing technologies within our two manufacturing plants.

The one size fits all approach may not work for your businesses. If a regular size pallet design won’t solve your need, our custom pallets may be the right solution for you! Having the right pallet can improve the workflow and productivity in your warehouse, keep your costs down, and enhance the protection for your products. We manufacture custom pallets utilizing recycled HDPE plastic. Our extensive experience and custom design process guarantees that your pallet is made to your exact specifications.

Let GT+plastics design and build the perfect pallet for your application.

We have wide experience developing customer-specific tooling and pallet designs for several large corporations across different types of industries. Our flexible product design and manufacturing approach will help you quickly determine the return on investment of your project.


Our Engineering, Design and Development teams can work through and assist, or lead tooling design for optimum mold performance. We bring many years of experience supplying many of the world’s largest corporations.


Our production teams strive for the highest quality and best service possible in the production of injection molded products. We follow Lean Manufacturing concepts and OpEx principles, along with ISO certified quality systems to continually propel our mission of creating value for our customers.