Food and Beverage



GT+Plastics has worked with many food & beverage companies involved in bringing the benefits of plastic pallet systems into their operations. From the container manufacturer to the filler, and from processing operations to final product production and packaging, GT+Plastics has been there to meet customer requirements and bring value to their supply chain.

Case Study

A leading dairy products manufacturer has a need for a plastic pallet to handle powdered additives in a food blending operation.


Current Packaging

Standard 40×48 plastic pallets with an open-top deck surface.

40×48 plastic pallets not optimally sized, impacting storage space within the facility.


Packaging Solution

GT+Plastics USA designed a custom-sized plastic pallet – 40×42 in size, to address powdered additive container size.

Pallet designed to specifically address the maximum load to be applied on a pallet in an unsupported rack situation.

Pallet designed with a solid top deck to minimize top surface gaps & allow for ease of cleaning.


Benefits / Results