Equipment Manufacturing



GT+Plastics works with companies involved in the manufacture of heavy parts & components, and assemblies/subassemblies in the:

Case Study

A global leader in commercial and residential lawn care equipment needed an improved solution for the storage and handling of engine blocks, gearboxes and other sub-assemblies of varying size and weight load, for movement within their operations and warehousing.


Current Packaging

A combination of custom-sized wood pallets, along with standard 40×48 plastic pallets.

Wood pallets present handling challenges and short life span (# of uses), and some issues with load applied to pallet.

40×48 plastic pallets not optimally sized, presenting further handling issues.


Packaging Solution

GT+Plastics USA designed two custom-sized plastic pallets to address a wide array of customer products.

Pallets utilize steel reinforcement to support challenging point load weight distribution.


Benefits / Results