Reusable Plastic Pallet TA100

TA100 48 x 40
Rackable Plastic Pallet

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The TA100 is a high-performance, lightweight and versatile reusable plastic pallet designed for impact resistance, high racking capacity, and long-term use in closed-loop environments.
Built from high-quality and sustainable recycled material, the TA100 has reinforced double-walled blocks provide high resistance to impacts against pallet jacks, forklift tines, and free fall impacts. The TA100 has top deck texturing to increase the friction and decrease slipping between the product and the pallet.
Rackable Plastic Pallet TA100

Starting price at $50 USD* for a 3300 lb Rackable Pallet

*Minimum order required, sales tax not included

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Why choose TA100 Reusable Plastic Pallet?

With one of the highest strength to weight ratios in the plastic pallet industry, the TA100 can finally provide a durable and low-cost alternative to wooden pallets.

By locating the steel reinforcing rods in the bottom deck, the TA100 is highly compatible with free span racking and automated storage systems using shuttle carts or mole systems with limited deflection tolerances.

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Configurable to
Specific Racking Application

The TA100 has numerous steel reinforcement configurations to support your unique racking or storage application. A no-steel configuration weighs only 44 pounds and can support up to 2,000 pounds in racking.

Three and Five rod options (51 and 56 lbs) are able to support up to 3,300 pounds in racking across the same span as the rods. Reinforcement rods are galvanized ¾” tubular steel. The TA100, when fitted with three steel rods in the bottom deck running in the 40” direction, is optimized for automated handling systems utilizing a shuttle cart/mole system, or typical drive-in racking or push back racking scenarios. Three rods in the 48” direction is more suited for conventional selective racking.
Rackable Plastic Pallet TA100

Options for TA100

Rackable Plastic Pallet TA100
Rackable Plastic Pallet TA100


We provide a 5-year warranty with our Custom (OMNI Platforms) and Reusable Pallets.

Our reusable and custom pallets come with a 5-year warranty to ensure our clients are relying on products they can trust. No matter the mishap, GT+plastics will be there to support your business. With our 5-year warranty, you know that you’re buying a product that you can trust.

*For full information regarding GT Plastics warranty please see warranty statement.

Why choose Plastic Pallets over Wood

Wood pallets have historically been the most common choice for all businesses. Plastic pallets are increasingly showing their value in supply chains for their durability, hygienic properties, and performance and reliability in manual and automated material handling systems. Some values of plastic pallets:

Rackable Plastic Pallet TA100

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